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Alienor: The Young Life of Eleanor of Aquitaine – A reader-writer forum

August 3, 2011

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – August 8, 2011 – Author Mark Richard Beaulieu opened the blog site for the discussion of Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life and world appearing in the Eleanor Code book series. The blog site is located at The first book will be available in Spring 2012 titled Alienor: The Young Life of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Mark reports:

“The real challenge of writing a credible story about Eleanor of Aquitaine is to recover her story from the few accounts and artifacts that remain. In my vast reading of over a hundred books and articles in my library, and in correspondence with emerging experts, I find that I have unveiled many puzzles of her enigmatic life. The book should show many connections never put together before. After sifting through the discord of the sources, I hope to take you to where I have arrived, the pivotal insights into an entirely original life as this girl, born Alienor, wrestles with the prime forces of faith, intellect, love, and power.”

The Alienor web site is at


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  1. I would like to join the discussion…

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